Emily Lutzker, Innovation Strategy and Creative Leadership


Eating imagination for lunch.

SheSays_ScreenshotEmily Lutzker, PhD brings people and organizations together to create unexpected and relevant results. At a time when creativity and out-of-the-box thinking are workplace necessities, Emily’s varied background has prepared her to wonder, “What box?”

Culture and Technology in Context.

Emily’s current work is figuring out what’s next with brands, products, and organizations for their optimum growth, best possible product market fit, how to get that project launched. Some call this “innovation,” some “strategy,” some “project management,” or “business development.” Emily just calls this imagining cool stuff and getting things done.

Building Stuff.

Her previous endeavors include founding culture-driven innovation company, OpenInvo, where she went from tech startup entrepreneur to consultancy leader. She and co-founder Eyal Fried built the business from the ground up and made it their mission to bridge the so-called right brainers and left brainers of the world,  producing unexpected and great results.

Interdisciplinary Chops.

A former artist who has shown her work internationally, Emily holds a PhD in Media and Communications from the European Graduate School (EGS). She is a grant recipient of the Jerome Foundation/St. John’s Pottery, and the Israeli Ministry of the Interior. Emily has taught for the New School’s Graduate Media Studies Program and its Undergraduate Department of Communication; the Center for Interactive Communication at Beit Berl College/Ha Midrasha School of Art; has been a guest instructor at Bezalel Design Academy; and has participated in numerous doctoral dissertation defense committees for the EGS. She is the former director and moderator of Beit Berl’s New Media Colloquium, a speaker series bridging the curriculum of the New Media, Information Studies, and Games Development Programs. Emily has been a guest speaker at Florida Atlantic University, Tel Aviv University, Ignite NYC, the International Schopenhauer Association, and Tel Aviv’s Performance Art Platform and Center for Contemporary Art.

Popcorn and SciFi.

Outside of academia and fine art, Emily has noodled around as a graphic designer, film producer, stylist, curator, critic, and location scout. She is eternally passionate about the immense value of creativity and the arts for business and humanity at large, and the future of culture and technology.